SUPPLY: 1007


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to KxX World and our first project Crypto Eden.

We are building an art metaverse community here. We believe in the power and worth of genuine art and the best people. Our mission is to pioneer the new digital reality, inspiring artists to show themselves through our utility and by that collect the best pieces of art for our DAO and our collectors. Enjoy!


We f***ing love Art!

So we decided to make our own private art oriented space in crypto.

Together with the cool art folks and a great artist we created. Hmm... oh, right!


To make it nice and steady. 33% of all sales go directly to the Treasury, funds to make our brand outstanding and remarkable!



As a utility of our project we prepared for you a pleasurable adventure of exquisite artwork drops, special art events and curated digests. Furthermore, we are building a Web 3.0 infrastructure for our project. This includes Art launchpad, we will be implementing the staking mechanism for our nft’s in September. Tokenomics and all the details will come out in the future.


For Art we have initiated this project. Our community consists of creators and collectors, we know that every person lives with a sense of beauty, that every person can create something if one really knows how to and wants to.

That's why we're here and we're looking forward to welcoming new people. Especially representatives of the art community, crypto enthusiasts, gallery owners, collectors as well as creators, musicians, opinion leaders and many others.

No time for loss! Quit being shy and hang onto our metaverse boat with us.


Featuring a rising superstar and a gifted contemporary artist V. Kartashov, curated by a top tier art gallery “Triumph”, we created a collection to spread our love for art, crypto and metaverse in order to connect as many people as possible.

Crypto Eden’s motto: Art, Crypto, Party!

With a limited offer of 1007 NFTs perpetuated on Ethereum Blockchain we are starting our DAO. Crypto Eden’s non-fungible token serves as a Genesis pass to our community and art platform. Join our community and begin collecting the greatest art with us, Collector!


We will talk about all plans on our social networks, subscribe, follow and create.