Meet our incredible artist!
Vladimir Kartashov!

25 years old He is a true beliver in crypto who is looking for new friends and whose who will join him in founding one of the greatest ART DAO of all time.

Curated by the extremely successful contemporary art gallery TRIUMPH.

Kartashov broadcasts the appearance and agenda of his time through the symbolism of new reality and the attributes of Internet mythology.

In the process of creating paintings, Kartashov uses a variety of styles and techniques: ancient icon painting, "Richter" paint rolling, various decorative techniques, glitch effects on traditional canvases, shifting the image as if due to "lags". All this allows the artist to disrupt the traditional perception of perspective and reveal the diversity of a new user - generated Cyberpunk reality.

In Kartashov's works, time limits becomes intangible: in a single artwork, cultural codes from different eras are transformed into alloy. So it becomes difficult to understand whether his canvases are funnels, where different time periods are twisted in a single vortex, or portals to a new virtual reality.